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Aged Care Financial Advice

Australia has one of the leading aged care systems in the world, where those utilising services should receive equal, high quality care either in our homes or in aged care (nursing homes).   However, the entire funding model for aged care has been progressively been changing since 2014 and as a result, individuals must now contribute to the cost of care if we have the wealth (income and assets) to do so.

Funding aged care requires careful consideration and making informed choices can have a very meaningful impact on the longevity of your retirement savings.

If you engage our Aged Care Financial Advice Service, we will provide a detailed written Statement of Advice (SOA) setting out the various funding options, our recommendations and the impact our recommendations will have on your financial situation.

“We are very busy professionals in the field of Information Technology Services and Consulting. When an opportunity presented itself to sell our business we needed a firm to advise and manage our finances and to hold us accountable to all of our future financial goals and aspirations. Scott Stanley and the Team at Richmond Private Wealth provide just that. We can verify that the Team at Richmond Private Wealth provide a personalised and individually tailored financial service rather than one which is for the masses. In addition, Scott and his Team are always available to take our call when something comes up or if we just want to run an idea or investment opportunity by him.”

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At Richmond Private Wealth we are committed to each and everyone of our clients in helping to secure their financial future. We are transparent, diligent and client focused in everything we do.

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