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Our clients include self-funded retirees, business owners, young professionals, farmers and executives in various industries.  Although their fields of expertise are wide and varied, all have the following similar traits:

  1. Take Advice – Willing to take advice from experts
  2. Have Financial Complexities or Requirements – they can’t resolve on their own
  3. Are Respectful – to work with
  4. Recognise we can add value – and hold them accountable over their financial lives
  5. Recognise we are affordable – in providing financial advice solutions tailored to their needs

Self-Funded Retirees

You have worked hard all your life and accumulated Investments and Superannuation for your Retirement. But what next?    Having done the hard work to get where you are now, it would be a great shame to not know if you are making the most of what you have.

Some common questions or problems that our Self-Funded Retiree Clients see us about include:

  1. Have I accumulated enough for a comfortable retirement?
  2. If not, how long can I expect it to last?
  3. What can be changed now to extend the likely life of my retirement savings?
  4. Id there anything that can be done now or soon to access even a small aged pension?
  5. Can I afford to gift some money to my kids ahead of their inheritance?

”When our plans for retirement became serious we realised that we knew nothing about investment and needed advice. We attended a UWA Extension course about twenty years ago and were very impressed with the knowledge, skill and overall approach. Scott Stanley of Richmond Private Wealth has managed our financial affairs for about two decades now and the integrity and dedication has not faltered over that time. Richmond Private Wealth provide a professional personal and worry-free service, with advice targeted to our personal circumstances. Choosing to outsource our financial planning requirements is the best financial decision we have ever made.’ read more


Business Owners

In the formative years, a business owner tends to focus the vast majority of his or her energy on growing the business.   At the right time it is crucial to think bigger and start to focus on accumulating wealth outside of the business.  We can assist in this planning.

Some of the key issues that our Business owners face and engage us to assist with include:

  1. When should I start to accumulate assets outside of my family business?
  2. Can the Richmond Private Wealth TEAM relieve me of some of the superannuation and investment admin, so I can remain focussed on maximising my business value
  3. When and how can I make tax deductible contributions to Superannuation and what are the current limits
  4. Can you review the old XYZ Superannuation Fund that I established when I started the business? Its been years since I have looked at it and I’m not confident it remains an efficient fund for me.


”We are very busy professionals in the field of Information Technology Services and Consulting. When an opportunity presented itself to sell our business, we needed a firm to advise and manage our finances and to hold us accountable to all our future financial goals and aspirations. Scott Stanley and the Team at Richmond Private Wealth provide just that. We can verify that the Team at Richmond Private Wealth provide a personalised and individually tailored financial service rather than one which is for the masses. In addition, Scott and his Team are always available to take our call when something comes up or if we just want to run an idea or investment opportunity by them.”’ read more



Our farming clients know a thing or two about risk.   They face it head on virtually every day with the choices they make in running their business.   Being informed and ready to act quickly with decision is what they say to us makes all the difference in farming.   The same goes for investing in many ways, although farmers readily acknowledge they don’t have the skill set or time to apply their thinking to their finances.  We take care of that for them.

Common questions of our Farming Clients include:

  1. Have I got enough Wesfarmers shares?
  2. How should we start to set up the kids now, so if the farm goes pear shaped there will be something left for them?
  3. What should we do with all these bits and pieces of shares that we have accumulated over the years, and can they be added to my super somehow?
  4. I have this old AMP Super Policy that I have been paying into for years. Is it worth keeping or should I be doing something with it?
  5. I really want to know what companies my Super is exposed to as I have some quite specific Ethical filters. Can your firm deal with these??

”My parents engaged the services of Richmond Private Wealth over a decade ago to handle their financial affairs and ensure their hard-earned savings were going to be transitioned efficiently to the next generation when the time came. Our situation and family affairs were far from simple. Mum and dad have now passed sadly, but their legacy continues thanks to their foresight and the professional conduct of Richmond Private Wealth. It’s very clear to me they always continue to act in the best interest of my family. We can count on them”’ read more



Our executive / professional clients tell us the biggest single challenge they face is simply finding the time to pay any attention to their own personal finances.   Developing their specific skillsets and career tends to take priority over planning and goal setting with respect to their financial future.

Common questions of our executive and professional clients include:

  1. I have changed roles a few times in recent years and now have multiple superannuation funds. Can you review them for me and help us consolidate everything to an efficient cost-effective fund?
  2. I travel a lot and often overlook all sorts of financial paperwork including share offers and other matters which I’m sure have cost me some significant dollars in the past. Can you firm assist with all this paperwork?
  3. Can Richmond Private Wealth help us understand the benefits or possible downside to participating in the share scheme that my employer has on offer?
  4. Our household cashflow is high, but we still have a small mortgage. Should we consider making additional super contributions now or wait until the house is paid off.

”Mark’s parents have been clients of Richmond Private Wealth for decades and we knew they have always been really happy. We should have got in touch with them years ago about our own affairs, but we just didn’t quite get to it. After only a couple of years with them we feel so much more organised financially and we know we can contact them any time to run ideas by them about our plans as they evolve”’ read more


Committed To Our Clients

At Richmond Wealth we are committed to each and everyone of our clients in helping to secure their financial future. We are transparent, diligent and client focused in everything we do.

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